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Merve is a distinguished professional known for her interdisciplinary approach to design and innovation, providing cutting-edge wearable technology and smart textile solutions to companies across Europe, such as Vulpés, ALMA, and Dynaback. Her collaborative projects with esteemed entities like Titera and Kufner have gathered acclaim, evidenced by her Honorary Mention at the London International Creative Contest - LICC 2020 and recognition among the top 100 most creative designs globally.


Her academic contributions are notable, offering workshops and courses on design-centric thinking and fashion-tech, with a notable partnership providing smart urbanism workshops for Bursa Municipality. In the corporate sector, she has delivered specialized training through LabMind and is a Lab Affiliate for the Indiana University Socioneurophysiology Lab, where she continues to explore the intersection of technology and human-centered design.


As the visionary founder of Invamar, Merve spearheads innovation in smart textiles and IoT ecosystems, focusing on instant health measurement. Her project MeSenseU, known for its groundbreaking work in psychophysiology translation, has won the EU Worth Partnership Project and was featured at Milan Design Week 2023. Another flagship product, Fabenode, enhances driver safety through its smart textile integration within a bespoke IoT ecosystem. Invamar is at the forefront of ML-supported IoT health metrics, creating disruptive innovations for mobility, aviation, and even space exploration.


Merve's ongoing work in digital technologies, smart textiles, human-centric design, and disruptive innovations positions her consultancy as an ideal partner for organizations aiming to pioneer their industries.

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LICC - London International Creative Contest

Women in Innovation 

Worth Partnership Project 2020

LICC, Honorable Mention

Project: Fabenode by Invamar

Early Stage Startup Prize

Project: MeSenseU by Invamar

Award - Grant Winner

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Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyesi
Vulpés Electronics GmbH
Indiana University Bloomington
Socioneurophysiology Lab, Research Affiliate
LabMind Training

Mustafa Aydin, Founder

"Merve is a valuable entrepreneur whose work I am excited about. We had the opportunity to collaborate on the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Smart City and Innovation project as LabMind. Her deep knowledge and experience in Technology and Design greatly contributed to participants gaining new perspectives. Her diligence, research-oriented and practical approach place her among the significant female entrepreneurs in our country. "
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